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 We work closely with vets and physiotherapists to help your horse achieve excellent results and optimum performance. For bookings, prices and futher information, please contact the office on 01677450303 or email

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Our Facilities

EQUINE COLD SALT WATER TREADMILL - Suitable for all types of horses, including those returning from injury, some of the key benefits of using a water treadmill are -


VITAFLOOR - Physical training and a massage in one go.

- Increases and regenerates bone density (studies on humans have shown the increase to be up to 20%).
- Stimulates the blood flow throughout the horse’s entire body, improving circulation.
- Non-invasive treatment helping with soft tissue injuries, joint and muscle soreness.
- Significantly reduces recovery time from injury.
- Improves muscle tone.

Other benefits include; fat mobilisation, effective on foot absesses and bruises and has also been found it to be very effective on horses starting with colic. The human version is adopted world-wide as an accepted means of raising overall fitness and the combustion of fat. Because it stimulates the blood circulation without the horse having to move, this makes it also a very effective therapy also for horses that are off work or on box rest. 

SOLARIUM - Situated in the same stable as and often used in conjunction with the Vitafloor, the Solarium facility can be used solely with infra read lights for penetrating and relaxing muscles or in conjunction with the Ultra Violet lights which mimic natural sun light - great for a horses wellbeing. Used together they produce a warming, relaxing environment which eases any soreness from the muscles of horses in hard work and are a great aid to helping horses maintain tip top condition.

ALL-WEATHER HILL GALLOP AND FIBRE-SAND CANTER - Our all-weather gallop is five furlongs long and climbs over 140 feet, perfect for interval training and faster work. The fibre-sand canter is a furlong round, enclosed in white railings and great for steady work. The two facilites can be used together. Trainers of point-to-pointers, eventers or horses requiring a high level of fitness can use the horse walker and gallops before cooling legs off on the water treadmill followed by a session on the vitafloor/solarium.

STABLING - We now offer residential stays in our spacious, bright and airy American barn stables. Perfect for those that require a more intensive programme, or for clients who are going away and want to leave their pride and joy in good hands. Whether you want to increase your horses fitness, keep them ticking over, add condition or lose weight, we create a programme to suit you. All enquires see contact details above.

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