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31-August-2017 16:07
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"Mr Fox. Could you kindly vacate the premises and I respectively ask that you steal no more of our hens!"

Too late. All the hens have vanished, leaving behind one very lonely cockerel and one very angry George. First, we had the problem of mink dragging our beautiful koi carp from the pond. Now we have foxes plucking hens from their beds in the middle of the night. The anti-hunting brigade would have you believe that the fox is a cute, fluffy innocent that would love to curl up on your knee and be petted. Just you try it! They're viscious little beggers that will attack a lamb two-to-one and pull both of it's ears off. But of course many don't see the reality. Local gamekeeper, Dominic, came to the farm today to deal with the matter so hopefully we will soon be safe to reintroduce hens to Sun Hill. 

Ann and George have had a busy week at Doncaster Yearling sale. Five smart yearlings (listed below) are currently making the journey home to us, so expect to see them appearing on the website over the next week. While two have owners, one filly is already earmarked for a brand new syndicate. One of our exisiting owners has had a brilliant brainwave for a syndicate that I think a lot of you will be interested. We can't tell you much more yet but we're excited to get the ball rolling... keep your eyes peeled...

Click the lot number below to see the sales page & pedigree - 

LOT 87 

LOT 294 

LOT 468

LOT 485 

LOT 563

George has been asked to take part in the Leger Legends race at Doncaster again this year on 13th September - if you wish to sponsor him, he'd be extremely grateful. Please click the link to his Just Giving page here

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