Wading through treacle

31-March-2016 18:46
in General
by Admin

Flat out busy today, horses cantering this morning, one breezing up for tomorrow, twenty two on the water treadmill, Thursdays disinfecting completed in good time, and James had a rare day off. The weather was glorious and I had hoped to get some photos taken to update horses pages but, with a manic day planned for tomorrow I spent any spare time I did have free when not watching the horses cantering, in the office. That however, felt like' wading through treacle'. 

Hayleys enforced time off has created a backlog and to add insult to injury, Kingston Upon Thames council sent a demand for a fine for our horse box which had 'apparently' being driven in a bus lane. The problem was, the registration number matched one of our lorries but the photographic evidence of the incident showed a black car with our number plates as the purpetrator.

Kingston Upon Thames told me to call our local police and report it, the local police told me to call Oxford, Oxford said I must call Surrey, Surrey said I need to speak to The Met. The Met police said I need to report it to North Yorkshire police who had already said I could not report it to them. In the meantime Kingston Council said I needed a letter from the police confirming the cloning of our registration plates while the police said they don't issue any such letters.

Valium has never appealed to me before today, neither have things like uppers or downers, in fact I don't know what they are, or what they do but whatever it is, it must be a good idea when dealing with these nuggets.

Tomorrow is another day and its going to be wonderful, even if the forecast rain arrives, by this time tomorrow night I hope to be feeling happy, confident and excited but you will have to find out why tomororow.




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