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30-September-2017 19:25
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Tomorrow's racegoers range from toddlers like Annie- featured on the blog recently studying the Premier sales catalogue to pony mad youngsters Kicking their stubborn

naughty ponies right to the line on various racetracks in the UK, below shows the effort some wonderful kids are making with their ponies at Newmarket yesterday, amusingly one competitor almost missed the race when her parents took her to "Newbury" instead of "Newmarket". Luckily they made it on time but their mistake reminded me when, as a rookie trainer I made hay while the sun shone when the now retired trainer Mary Revelley's new box driver took her runners to the 'wrong' Bangor.

His error probably helped me gain my second winner in two days when "Jupiter Moon" won a juvenile hurdle race at the correct 'Bangor" following up "White Diamonds' bumper win the previous day at Carlisle (encouaging me to think this training game was easy!). But, while the said lorry driver took the flak and and was undoubtedly the butt of many jokes it became evident to yours truly many years later that such a disaster can happen on any yard when a box driver of ours was spotted pulling in to an empty lorry park at Wolverhampton with our runner who happened to be favourite for his race Southwell. 





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