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30-March-2016 18:19
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George Duffield aboard George Dryden.

A cold but beautiful morning with the sun high in the sky, mother nature for once assisting us in our task of filming all of the horses ready for our individual owner login pages to be updated. The wifi, however, was still not playing ball and although the videos are all prepared and ready to upload, the lack of mobile wifi has really made life difficult! The new BT 'hub' has arrived, so all being well we should be back to normal in the imminent future.

George Dryden, pictured above being ridden by our other George D, was just one of the horses stretching his legs up the gallop today. Growing stronger and even more handsome with age (still talking about the horse) he flitted up the hill with ease, his long, powerful stride makes a piece of work look like a steady canter.

Someone having a less than easy time this morning was Janos, our Hungarian Hero who, having survived the gallop on the nick-named 'Naughty Nellie', was rewarded with a mega blow to his right knee cap as a result of her bad behaviour while walking through the yard stalls. Janos is as hard as they come, but when he lets out a yell and can hardly stand up, you know it must be seriously painful. Although his knee was swollen thrice the size and bruised black and blue within seconds, we were delighted to learn that the x-rays didn't show up any fractures. So while Janos takes it easy for a few days, Naughty Nellie's future here in the luxury Sun Hill accomodation, hangs in the balance. She has well and truly shown her true colours, despite being given the benefit of the doubt several times, and risking any more good riders on an unpredictabe and destructive filly, simply isn't an option.  

To end on a positive note, Harry seems much better today after his trip to the vets yesterday, thank goodness!


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