The wanderer returns

29-October-2018 14:48
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by Hayley 

Another second. Sunhill Lad was bridesmaid at Redcar this afternoon, backing up his good run at Newcastle on Wednesday. In the previous blog I said that we wouldn't moan about finishing second... well, I think we are about on the verge of doing so, as 4 out of our last 6 runners have filled the runner up spot! Sure, it shows the horses are in good form but it's winners that count in this game of numbers, and winners that people remember. A frustrating week which was so close to being a brilliant week for the yard, but, to keep things positive, it must surely mean that a win is just around the corner. Could it come courtesy of Cape Hill Cotter tomorrow? 

In other news, the wanderer returns! James (our headman) is back from holidaying in his native Trinidad. I'm sure waking up to the first frost of winter was not ideal after a month in the glorious heat of the Carribean but not one to moan, James smiled his way through his first morning back at work. He puts the 'sun' in Sun Hill, our owners and staff all love him and the place doesn't feel the same without him. 

We have a few entries this week, all for the all-weather with the majority at Newcastle and one at Kempton. Two-year-old filly Sils Maria has finally been entered after a long season of patiently waiting for her owners. She is a great big, strong filly who really needed the gift of time to strengthen and develop fully into her frame. Luckily for her, she has a great bunch of owners in Solo Syndicate who have allowed her to come along in her own time and hopefully they will soon be rewarded for their patience.

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