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29-May-2016 10:46
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We knew Saturday would be manic and it didn't disappoint. A work day, four runners at three meetings, four individual horsesboxes in use, seven staff away racing, one on holiday, no PJ thanks to a very late night back after evening racing at Musselburgh, Rowan and Colm rode only three lots before they too had to rush off to Chester and Cartmel respectively while a 'lame' George and I both had to exit the yard after fourth lot.

When ICM arranged their open morning some months back we had absolutely no idea what we might be doing because racing simply doesn't work like that, but nevertheless we managed to get through the morning without a hiccup, even if it wasn't quite what I had planned. Julie took my place and made sure the syndicate members were in the right place at the right time and knew which horses were which (hopefully).

We had worked the vast majority of the horses early, before a lot of people arrived on the yard who needed looking after and, while we still had jockeys in situ, but generally I prefer to be able to spend at least 'some' time with syndicate owners without having to rush off.  Open mornings are a doddle in Winter, Autumn and early Spring but not quite so easy to manage in the middle of the season when everyone is so busy with runners all over the place. But, by all accounts everyone enjoyed seeing the yard and the ICM horses on the gallops.

On the track Benediction ran a 'better' race at Catterick when beaten only three and a half lengths, she is no world beater but she did show enough to suggest she can win something if placed carefully. At Chester Rowan had his first ride round the famous city walls on debutant winner "Cuppacoffee" who showed blistering speed, finishing a decent fourth in a hot conditions stakes race, he either needs some cover or dropping back in trip next time having sharpened up a great deal from his first run.

At Beverly "Rainbow Mist" ran extremely well in the "Brian Yardley conditions" race finishing third, also beaten only three and a half lenths on ground that PJ thought was a 'bit quick' - he was fitted with a tongue layer to ensure he didn't get his tongue over the bit - as he had previously at Ripon, the promising son of Lilbourne Lad settled better than he did last time, although he did look confused being held up having been allowed to make the running in his two previous starts. The more he learns to pace himself the better he will be. "Indigo Beat" ran better than her finishing place suggested in the prestigious 'Hilary Needler' and, although she was outclassed today she will improve over further in time. 

Today- Sunday, and one owner of a lovely two year old filly has just emailed me to see if his filly might run on Tuesday at Redcar, he apparently left his email till later "in case I was lying in?" our amusing banter on email follows................

Owner; " Morning Ann, have you enjoyed a lie in? Do you ever get to lie in on Sundays? Is the filly being declared for Tuesday?"

Answer.....Morning, No I don't (get to lie in) although I do get to read the papers for half an hour before dashing out to the yard, our morning so far (up to time of writing at 10.30am)..............................

One lot cantered,  vets here now for pre race checks and some meds- last weeks bloods discussed. Yesterday's 4 runners trotted up & weighed. Tomorrows runners weighed,  67 boxes mucked out. 64 horses on walkers, 3 on box rest.  16 on Vitafloor. 67 x 4 legs checked. 67 mangers & water buckets  monitored. 32 emails received, 25 of them junk. 3 replied to already, four owners sent txt's & three conversations. Declarations done for Monday at Cartmel and Tuesday at Redcar and, and NO your filly is NOT running because she is coughing her flaming head off- the pollen is getting to her more than any other at the moment & is bloody annoying me (& you no doubt!) Sorry about that as I know you “itching” to see her run- as we all are!

 Lots of office work to do while its quiet. Wish I had a wife to clean the house, do the shopping & cook the bloody dinner- sadly I don’t so I will fit that in later on.

 How’s your day so far?

Apparently he has enjoyed his coffee, walked the dogs, read my email and is ready for a nap. Bliss....................


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