29-March-2018 16:33
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by Hayley 

Can you believe it is almost Easter? The year so far seems to have flown by (despite what felt like the longest of winters - it isn't over yet if the forecast is to be believed) and we are already preparing to enter the second quarter of the year. 

This is the first time in 18 years that we will not be opening for the Middleham Open Day. We've received a few messages of disappointment and we too are disappointed that we will miss out on what is always a great day, but, it was just not feasible for us this time. A lot of preparation goes in to having everything perfect and all importantly safe for the general public. The wet winter has ensured the field is about as much use as a chocolate teapot so far as parking cars in it goes. We endeavour to make sure the yard is always clean and tidy, but when a large open day is planned we like to go the extra mile to make the place sparkle and with some staff still abroad for the winter, we simply don't have the man power for such a hectic day alongside usual yard duties. The lads and lasses on the yard work very hard and we didn't think it was fair on them to expect even more. We love to be a part of the buzz and hubbub of the day and it is most certainly we that is missing out - but we will be back.

Two entries for Southwell on Sunday - Mimic's Memory and the three-year-old Sunhill Lad, who was 2nd last time out. He has been placed three times to date and is a winner waiting to happen, especially now he is running over a distance and retains lots of potential for the future.

We've had some enquiries regarding Sunhill Lad recently - there are shares available and genuine enquiries can be made at or 01677 450303

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