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29-March-2016 17:56
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by Admin

Today was frustrating.

BT are at it again! Most of you know all about the turbulent relationship between Sun Hill and British Telecom and, just when our phone lines and internet connections seem to be working well, BT decides to challenge the staus quo once again. Five hours were wasted by the girls in the office today trying to A/ speak to a human being and B/ ask for a new router to replace the "archaic" one we currently have. In short, the office interent connection keeps going down, and when it is working the signal is so weak it is almost impossible to upload the videos onto our website.

Harry refused food today and lay down in the office like a dying swan, he has never refused food so George and I took him to Leyburn vets where, upon arrival he leapt out of the van and bounded in to the vets room, a thorough examination and an injection later we returned home happier, if still a bit worried because he is still quieter than we have ever known him to be. Hopefully he will be full of his usual exuberance again tomorrow.

Apart from the all important "Harry" and the less than important people at BT, the rest of the day went without a hitch. Some older horses worked nicely, the two year olds cantered and walked through stalls, the vet paid his weekly routine visit and the Northern Echo printed the second "Duffield column" - the link for this is below.   

You can read my column here 

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