Perfect Conditions?

28-June-2016 18:44
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The week may be less than half way through but already it feels like a long one. The weather conditions are perfect for super fast grass growing, in fact we cannot keep up with the lush green stuff which is having to be cut every second day, trees too are in full bloom along with plants and crops and while it looks lovely it is in fact driving most of us mad.

I for one can't speak (George is delighted about that) with a sore, swollen throat and hoarse voice, red, itchy eys, a bad cough and no energy I am begining to understand  how some of the horses feel, of course it doesn't affect all of them and the trick to running them is to second guess which ones are not affected. But as with all things 'trying', it will pass soon enough. In the meantime we endured a helish day yesterday with a marathon vets visit which started late and last hours and which will be in part, repeated tomorrow.

The lack of a voice stopped me doing my bit for Racing UK who are in Middleham filming some amusing scenes for the "Go Racing In Yorkshire" festival but I am more than sure the trainers based there will provide adequate entertainment. On the yard we have two girls from the local school in Richmond on two weeks work experience, "Imogen" and "Georgie" - both are great girls and a credit to their parents and schools, they are learning plenty and making themselves uselful at the same time. Both had no idea how diverse a career in racing can be and hopefully their experience here will give them food for thought.

Today, we were joined by "Charlotte" another student (vet) in her second year at Liverpool uni, also here for two weeks experience. While these girls are at the begining of their careers "Roy Hodgeson", England manager is clearly at the end of his. One owner sent a txt today which made us all laugh............................


"Roy Hodgeson for Prime Minister............he knows how to get us out of Europe!"


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