Cold and belated Christmas

27-December-2017 8:27
in General
by Admin

A belated Happy Christmas to everyone and a word of warning- there might be some unusual sigthings and duplicates appearing for a while as this dinosaur moves slowly into the modern era . As Ann's PA and general dogsbody my responsibilities usually lie with Ann's other interests, such as her work for the National Trainers Federation (apparently my input and legwork allow Ann to 'not' spend too much time on racings politics) and now I am learning to help with the blog as Ann is keen to ensure 'something of interest' is posted daily. Hayley will of course be carrying on with her sterling work and undertaking the myriad of jobs that are listed in the ' very modern' category.

On the yard the staff at Sun Hill seem to be developing the bad dose of 'man flu' that Ann has been suffering from over the last few weeks. True to their nature though, they are still making the effort to get to work and keep soldiering on!

No man flu for Charlie the dog however who is on 'top form' as usual and keeping himself amused with his many Christmas presents although at first sight I thought he was sporting a rather natty dickie bow!  

So far we seem to have avoided the worst of the weather that we are seeing across the country, resulting in Chepstow's Welsh National card having failed an inspection this morning. Fingers crossed the snow and floods will not make it to Sun Hill!




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