27-March-2016 17:40
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March has almost been and gone and in general we have enjoyed a good month overall, the horses have come on in leaps and bounds with many of them looking a lot more forward then in previous years. Obviously it is not wise, practical or even possible to have the whole yard ready to go early in the season and while we have some "early types" there are plenty of mid and late Summer horses too and there are always the odd ones who "should"  be early but suffer a setback and end up running much later. 

Julie and Hayley have been missing in action for three weeks thanks to a bout of flu and an untimely car crash which luckily did no long term harm to either of them, but it has played havoc with our website work although I am hopefull we can still produce the goods.  Rowan is still off after his shoulder injury but, after pulling a few strings we did at least get him in for his MRI scan last Thursday.......results to follow after we have seen the consultant. Dale is on holiday this week, Beth has returned to work today after her Greek holiday and Agar is flying home to India today to see his wife. Our "Hungarian Hero" 'Janos' has announced his friend and former winner of 600 races in Hungary wants to come and join us at Sun Hill. Apparently he rides "like a demon", an if he is anything like Janos, I believe him.


Todays runner at Redcar "Lady Nahema" is not now going racing, in fact at the time of writing this, Redcar are calling an inspection due to heavy rain.

The video below is for use on the home page and will shortly replace the "February Morning" video.






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