Snow, sleet and a not so happy dog owner

26-April-2016 18:26
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Today was freezing cold with snow, sleet and freezing cold winds. The horses all needed a thick exercise sheet on again having just got rid of the thick woolly ones we have used all winter. Tim Jarmen, a top physio and one of two we use regularly arrived at a more reasonable hour than usual today to treat a dozen horses. In fact as he arrived at Sun Hill, George and I were arriving in Darlington for a visit with the human version of the same. On the way to the physio I received a call from the vet who had operated on Harry, saving his life and allowing him to return home in great order, full of beans, eating well and clearly delighted to be among his family and friends again. Sadly the news was not good, his prognosis is poor. The tumours are not benign- as I had hoped, all three are cancerous and I am told 94% of dogs with this horrid condition will not live more than three to four months. Only 6% last a year.

Its hard to believe because he looks so very well and happy but we have to got used to the idea that he won't be here for a long time and our job now is to make whatever time he has left, as happy and fun as possible and, when the time comes not to let him suffer. 

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