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26-February-2016 18:56
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by Admin

What we think of as a normal run of the mill Friday, can so easily turn into an eventful day, all the horses were cantering as usual, some are very fresh and one cheeky little fellow decided to see if Dale was awake in the saddle and deposited him on the side of the road. If Dale wasn't awake at the time, he soon was and now he has to bake a cake. Twenty five horses went through the treadmill before enjoying a spot of sunbathing under the lights in the solarium while having an all over body massage on the vitafloor. Beth carried on pulling manes and making them all look terribly smart, the water in the treadmill was changed again and even more epsom salts added, new filters arrived for it today and the electricians landed to add yet another switch to confuse us all. The plumbers came to swich over a very expensive and powerful pump that was once used in connection with the log cabins, but is now redundant for its original purpose. With a bit of digging, fiddling around and tweaking, the pump now drives water at a rate of knotts down to the bottom barn where the supply had previously been so poor it took an age to fill a water bucket, let alone wash horses legs off.  Now the water supply is equivalent to the firemans hose. Further excitement ensued when a delivery driver upset a local  farmer who, in an attempt to stop the lorry driver doing further damage to his sceptic tank (which he had driven all over) stepped onto the lorrys bumper bar in his effort to communicate via the window screen of the lorry. The driver meanwhile contiuned to ignore the man hanging on to his vehicle for dear life and drove along the main road, turning left to Constable Burton making his way to Sun Hill where he was supposed to be delivering parcels. Perhaps the lorry driver is used to driving in and out of Calais because he wasn't in the least bit fazed about a man hanging off his lorry. A video taken from our CCTV might follow soon if we can manage to work out how to down load, upload or whatever we have to do to get it on our blog page!

At Wolverhampton our runner sealed her fate which, had pretty much been decided beforehand anyway and, having run ordinarily will now find a job elsewhere. She is a sweet filly, nicely bred too but not good enough to keep in racing so the next task is to find her a suitable home where she will be looked after well, and taught to do a job she is more suited to. Tomorrow promises to be another busy day with many of the horses workload stepping up another notch.

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