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24-June-2016 8:14
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"Whispering Soul" finally got off the mark last night winning at Hamilton having come agonisingly close on her last two starts. Jo Fanning is a very tough jockey to beat and it seems that every time we meet him in a photo he manages to nudge us out, albeit by the narrowest of margins, thankfully last nights photo finish went our way. The result was hardly a surprise given her recent form, the biggest question was "would she manage to get her pretty little head in front this time?"  There was plenty of money for our filly and I hope much of it went in to the pockets of those who follow "Ann's thoughts!"

While the result of another photo finish went our way the really big and far more important photo finish was also contested yesterday- at the polling stations, but how will the results of the referendum affect horseracing? This is what the NTF thinks.

"It’s hard to know how it will affect British racing and trainers in the long term but one thing looks certain and that is our need to establish new links within a new government and new supporters for racing within parliament.  The Prime Minister’s resignation and the probable or even inevitable departure of the Chancellor means racing will lose two of our most powerful supporters in Parliament in relation to the legislation needed to replace the levy. We can only hope that doesn’t prevent or delay important ongoing issues.
In the short term the most likely harm to our members would be "if" the economy is damaged to such an extent that racehorse ownership falls. Equally, with the pound falling in value, interests rates may have to rise so those with borrowing will have higher costs.
Longer term, there is a possibility that if Britain has greater control of immigration, the rules may change to reduce immigration from Europe but conversely allow more non-EU migrant workers of the type trainers need.
Personally,  I think its is understandable that we will enter a period of instability but regaining control over our own country "has to be" a good thing, Britain can, in the near future begin the process of encouraging the "right" immigrants from anywhere in the world to live and work with us, anyone who is willing to bring their skills and use them to help us is more than welcome. I just hope people - and ministers stop panicking and get on with what needs to be done. Its not a crisis, its an opportunity. 

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