Crystal ball required

24-March-2016 16:15
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Today was spent doing our usual routine, cantering the "older" horses who worked on Tuesday, had an easy day yesterday and who will work again tomorrow, our usual array of regular "Thursday" jobs followed when we disinfect seemingly everything in sight. After that little lot it was time to fill the skip, rake new gravel around the yard, fix a few posts, sweep walkers, put up temporary fencing, finish off horse write ups, take a couple of grumpy horses who don't enjoy open days, over to the farm where it is more peaceful than it will be here.

Elkie did the "fish and chip run"  for the staff who worked through the afternoon, Rowan "finally" went for his scan (it's not what you know but who you know). Frankly we were all utterley fed up with the time it was taking to get his MRI scan done, especially Rowan. He has been injured for more than three weeks and no one is any further forward to knowing what the problem actually is. If he was a shelf filler in Tescos, the unnecessary wait would not matter, in fact many people relish " time off work" especially when they are getting paid, but for a jockey these waiting times are utterely unacceptable and unwanted. And, while its great to be able to pull a few strings for Rowan, it does beg the question of why the wait?  If one phone call is really all it takes then WHY can't the  bloody doctors and his (private) specialist have already made that same call from the outset?

As far as our Good Friday open day is concerned we need a crystal ball to know how it will pan out and who, or how many, might come to visit us. In previous years we have known exactly what to expect, and often we recognise many of our visitors but it seems there has been much confusion over his years Good Friday, it will certainly be an interesting day with an extra early start for us so we can have the horses worked, and safely back in their boxes before kick off at 10am.

All are welcome, we open 10am till 2pm and we hope to raise lots of money for Macmillan Cancer Research. There is hot food and drinks and divine homemade cakes on offer, all in aid of the charity.  We hope you can join us




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