When sex is an issue.

23-November-2016 18:30
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Recently there has been a spate of sales with our yearlings in great demand. In the past two weeks alone owners, new and existing have put their hand up in respect of fillies by Hentrythenavigator, Stimulation, and the lease for the Canford Cliffs filly. Of the colts, Middleham Park Racing's  Dragon Pulse has been popular, the flashy Dream Ahead colt, the tough Fast Company, and greys by Lethal Force and Lilbourne Lad have all attracted new owners. Many do still have some shares available in them but with such a good looking and potentially exciting bunch they should not ba avaiable for too long.

Alan Court popped in today to see his new boy cantering with George on board. Until recently Alan owned half in another dark grey in "Danzeb" who sold very well at Newmarket horses in training sales, so Alan was very taken with this attrative son of "Lilbourne Lad". Of course there is every chance that Alan was calling in to check on the sex of his new purchase because we had apparently referred to the yearling as a "colt" on our "horses for sale page but a "filly" on the yearling page!

Hopefully Alan's preference for greys will continue to pay dividens. Anna has taken the week off so the office is deadly quiet, even though our new phone system is up and running, we are either struggling to work out how to use it, or there is no one in the office to answer it anyway. If Sheikh Mohammad calls I guess it's just tough, he will have to call back.

Allen is breaking in the next batch of five and one of the little darlings made him sweat this morning in the lunge ring, the steam was rising above the lunge rings high timber walls and it wasn't just the horses, we know when Allen has got a naughy one because he emerges from the lunge ring with half his clothes missing and a pile of top coats on the floor.

Issey is busy clipping again, the handful of horses still in training worked well this morning, AJ's staff have been flat out clearing rubish and burning timber, for once we can see the warehouse which was once our barn and will be again once 121 workwear relocate. They have already moved their sales and accounts team to another office a few miles away and although (in an odd way) I will miss the factory being based here, I can't wait to regain control of the space they occupy.

Will we have room to relocate our weighbridge, space for two huge indoor wash off bays, a huge tack room, a larger than needed racing tack room, a very large workshop and parking for a dozen cars.





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