Open day success.

22-November-2016 17:39
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Sundays yearling parade went without a hitch, it was good fun, the place had a real buzz to it, the horses looked excellent and behaved pretty well (most of the time) although understandably some of them did find it a bit daunting when they saw everyone standing on the outskirts of their parade ring, an area they usually have entirely to themsleves. Simon Mapletoft was his usual lovely self, it's little wonder everyone adores him and he and his gorgeous wife "Jo" enjoy their visits to Sun Hill.  His knowledge of horseracing and form is outstanding and he really helps to ensure our guests are well informed.

As always the staff did an amazing job of making, not only the horses look good, but the yard too, it is not easy making a working enviroment like a racing yard look good in the middle of winter when everywhere is generally wet, grey and miserable. But, everywhere looked good, our yearlings were in great shape and have all "done" very well since arriving from the sales.

The girls from our other business (Sun Hill lodges) stepped in to ensure everyone was looked after with steaming hot mugs of Hungarian Goulash soup made by Ferenc who, as well as being part of a Bomb disposal unit in the Hungarian army, doubled up as a chef too. It was delicious.

After the parade we showed off the water treadmill in use to some of our new owners and breeders who had travelled a long way to join us, before warming up in the house with a glass or two of the fizzy stuff and something tasty to eat.

Many of the yearlings found new owners or part owners who are already looking forward to  next season.

This morning five more yearlings had their first taste of the gallops under the guidance of George, Rowan and James following Alfie in two sperate lots. Videos to follow 


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