Don't kill the staff!

21-November-2018 14:46
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by Hayley 

Must not kill off the staff. Mental note made.

Not when you can't afford to lose her anyway! Anna found herself weighed down by something a tad heavier than her mountian of paperwork yesterday, when a spooked youngster ended up on top of her. Thankfully, she is absolutely fine, though it can't have been pleasant and she's certainly been seen to move a little better than she is at present. The perils of horses should never be underestimated, a half-tonne animal could easily do serious damage to a person no matter how unintentional the action. Hense why experienced staff are so invaluable - it can happen to the best of us but to remain calm and carry on is key and being the trooper that she is, Anna was back out on the yard this morning helping Allen with the yearlings. 

We've had a nice bit of rain over the last 24-48hrs which should make the jump trainers happy, although I'm sure the ground could take a good bit more. With RacingUk on in the background yesterday, the commentator declared that there'd been a going change thanks to the rainfall - the ground was now officially 'good', testament to the very dry summer and autumn. After riding out the staff set-to steam cleaning the stables from top to bottom. This laborious exercise is undertaken several times a year and, despite having lovely, airy barns, is a crucial part of keeping the horses healthy. The entries list seems to be getting shorter with just a couple entered up for the week ahead. Miss Sabina heads to Newcastle tomorrow where she will make her all-weather debut. Very best of luck to her owner, Mr Steve Bradley. 

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