Racing needs to weed out the crooks.

21-April-2016 18:32
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by Admin

Bright sunshine and a warm day put everyone in an extra good mood. Former Hungarian jockey Tihamer (known as Timmy) has settled in to life at Sun Hill really well, he rides like a demon and while he speaks only a few words of English the " international racing language" we all know so well, is universal but nevertheless his repertoire is expanding daily- a bit like my waistline.

It was an ideal day for taking photos to update owners with their horses progress. Most of the yard have had their portraits done in the past two days, Miss Machiato and Tallulah Fleur (Rowan and Timmy) went through the starting stalls this morning. Anna (along with our vet Peter) had headaches completing the new paperwork required by the BHA for horses who cannot be shod behind for racing. The new rules are creating mayhem and are incredibly banal.

The cloud on the horizon is the failure of a certain racing club to settle its bills and while I would not normally mention such issues on the blog, on this occasion I am happy to do so and to repeat it where necessary because I am 'very concerned' that there are owners out there who have been ripped off, believing they own a share in horses at Sun Hill when they do not. The clubs 'owner/manager' told me he had 'sold' all the shares in the horses here, his website clearly stated the same -yet two months on and the money those owners have paid the club for the shares has not materialised. It has remained in this man's posession, including funds from an owner who owns his own horse here, and who had leased a share in a filly for the season, for which he has paid up front and in full.

Clearly this is fraudulent practice and the matter will soon be put in the hands of the police.

The promises, excuses and bounced cheques are only part of the story while ridiculous tales of woe make up the rest of this man's sad game.  Trainer "Lisa Williamson" is in the same boat with the same so called "racing club".

I am glad to say there are some very good clubs and syndicates out there including our own MPR, Grange Park and ICM who are above board and transparent in all they do,  the BHA are extremely keen to weed out the crooked ones for the sake of horse racing and its followers.





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