Praying for clear skies and no rain

19-November-2016 18:42
in General
by Admin

The phone system might be down but I have still put in a special request for good weather, the yearling brochures look great (and will be available on our website from next week- hopefully). The brochures are glossy, light hearted and fun with lots of great pictures and a BIG "Thank You" must go to our suppliers who advertisied in it. The yard is spic and span, the yearlings have been told to behave well, the dog is under orders too and the staff have worked their socks off. Rowan rode three lots out before he worked with Allen on the five yearlings currently being ridden away, then made himself useful when collecting the fourteen portions of fish and chips I bought everyone after an extra long morning's work.

Anna is on a much deserved holiday but will be in tomorrow to help out and check on Allen's work with "her filly" in case he has managed to upset her in the short time Anna has been away; which is only one day so far and we missed her (Anna is breaking in Fascinator and is touchingly over protective of her!).

Allen could find himself living in the dog house but my guess is, it wouldn't be the first time. James has kept everyone hard at work and, as usual he is very well organised.

All we need is some sun, we don't mind how cold it is as long as it stays dry.....please?



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