Lessons for the aged.

22-March-2019 10:49
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By Ann.

With the loss of Hayley who has left us to work for a wine company (working at Sun Hill probably drove her to appreciating the finer points of liquid grapes), we have been struggling to cope with the extra workload, especially all things related to IT. It is fair to say we don’t exactly have a grasp on modern technology although we rely on it and fully understand its value in the business world.

Duffield’s diary, aka the blog, was written by yours truly for many years and had a strong following, two newspaper columns joined the blog for a couple of years and while I thoroughly enjoy writing them and have enjoyed the benefits brought, it was/ is nevertheless a time consuming discipline.

Lacking practice, especially adding photos, the frustration has been palpable in the office and the patience shown by our IT guys has been nothing short of ‘extraordinary’ as they have tried to teach this blonde who is most defiantly a ‘dumb blonde’ as far as IT ‘stuff’ is concerned.

Anna in the office (pictured below) keeps a cool head, unlike myself who can occasionally get a little bit heated, just as George does too. The images below are a fun reflection.

Fortunately we have found a new lady to take over from Hayley, “Charley” starts in mid-April and knows a thing or two about websites and this social media malarkey, so it shouldn’t be too long before our websites are back up to scratch and full steam ahead with current information and updated ‘owners logins’.

 George gets mad!

George Screaming. I know how he feels!

Anna, keeping her cool


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