Goodbye to an old friend and hello to a new one

19-February-2018 12:23
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by Hayley 

Today we waved off Hilary J, as she embarks on the journey to motherhood. When a horse has such character and talent, they certainly leave a hole when they leave us. As sad as it is for us at Sun Hill to say goodbye to Hilly, we are glad to be able to send her off a healthy and happy horse with a great future as a broodmare ahead of her. We have no doubt that she would've gone on to win more races, but we are also in no doubt that she will produce some lovely foals, who, if they pick up a shred of their mother's talent, will make desirable race horses. It's been a pleasure to train for Rosamund and Elizabeth, and this partnership continues as we look forward to the season ahead with the ladies and their horses. 

As one door closes, another one opens. This morning, Ann received photos of a beautiful filly foal by new stallion on the block, 'Fountain Of Youth'. The foal's mother? Our former recruit, 'Cuppatee', owned by Catherine Gledhill. The decision to send Cuppatee to stud was not taken lightly by Catherine. Extremely attached to the mare, she did as any good 'mother' does and worried greatly about her little 'Tee'. She will have been both relieved and excited to welcome a strong, healthy foal this morning and to know that both mother and baby are doing well. I posted the photos on Facebook earlier (do you follow us?), and announced in jest that the foal is to be called 'Cuppasoup', continuing the theme of Catherine's horses so far; Cuppatee, Cuppacoffee and Cuppacoco. The foal is not yet named and of course it is not up to me to do so, but I'm fairly sure that she won't be called Cuppasoup! We received some good suggestions - and some amusing ones  - that may serve as potential inspiration when the time comes to name her, from 'Tetley' to 'Cappucino', and, my personal favourite, 'Two Sugars'.

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