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18-January-2017 16:38
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We are lucky to have fantastic owners at Sun Hill. We're a close knit, friendly yard and our regulars come to see us every Saturday come rain or shine. But over the years you meet all sorts of characters in racing. Some owners come from a 'horsey background' and/or have followed racing for a long time, knowing the ins and outs. On the other hand there are owners that will happily admit they haven't a clue about the nitty gritty but love the sport, love the animals and just want to be involved. There are also those that struggle to comprehend that buying a horse, feeding and training it properly doesn't automatically equal winners. A horse is not a machine and you don't always get out what you put in. It's not like buying a fancy new car, whereby you do a bit of research, spend a bit of money and you know exactly what you're getting. Sadly you can't just show up to a bloodstock sale, flash the cash and be guaranteed to walk out with a superstar - if only! Unfortunately the only guarantee in racing is there are no guarantees!

The one thing you really need, and in fact it's very simple, is a bit of luck! Some people are extremely lucky and win with their very first runner. And some are like Bill Davis, who enjoyed his first ever winner today after 26 years of waiting! 1/2 favourite 'Ayr of Elegance' won for Mr Davis at Lingfield this afternoon, delighting the dedicated owner who declared it, "fantastic - so wonderful". Trainer of the winning horse, Philip Hide, said after the race, "you can't believe anyone would do it, keep horses for twenty-six years without a winner - it's madness!". Madness it may be but I bet that Maiden at Lingfield on a cold day in Jaunary felt like the Derby to Mr Davis - congratulations and I hope you enjoy the 'buzz' for there is nothing quite like it.


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