Owners are "highly valued" note to self, try not to kill or injure them.

17-December-2016 18:20
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by Admin

The fact that our owners are “highly valued” has never been in dispute, they also happen to be a great bunch of loyal enthusiasts with the necessary temperament to last in what is a very tough, mentally demanding and financially draining pastime.

To own racehorses you need those attributes by the bucket load with a large dollop of love for animals (horses in particular) an innate understanding of the principles of sport, the ability to cope with what can only be described as ‘manic deviations’ between the unbelievable highs and the lowest of low ebbs.

I admire all my owners for their qualities, they are all differ net yet they all possess these same attributes. I am very close to many of them after training for them for many years, and would trust them implicitly, I try to look after them but today I almost really and truly cocked up.

Ian and Nancy Farrington arrived this morning bringing gifts galore for the staff and a bottle of something fancy for me and George, their car boot was full to the brim of bottles, tins, boxes of chocolates and biscuits catering for all the lads and lasses on the yard. Charlie had his treats too and Nancy cooked a gigantic breakfast as she always does.

And what did yours truly do? Giving them a lift to the gallop in the yard “Bentley” with Nancy perched on Ian’s knee, the freezing weather ensured that I couldn’t see a thing from the driver’s side despite chucking warm water all over the cab, the inside of the windscreen was still frozen, but it didn’t matter because I know my way around so well that I don’t need to be able to see where I am going.

The problem was, I forgot about the mound of stone delivered yesterday as part of the ongoing works on the yard and drove the Gaytor up the mound and down the other side. I don’t know who got the biggest shock as the thing lurched from side to side. Me, Ian with Nancy in an already precarious position or Charlie hanging on for dear life in the back.

Luckily the four wheel drive kicked in and although it felt like we were dangling off a cliff we were probably as safe there as anywhere and boy, did we laugh afterwards.

Happy Christmas Ian and Nancy, your next horse should be called “Cliff Hanger”.

It reminded me of that great book “ Cliff Tragedy” by Eileen Dover.

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