Rain Rain and more rain

17-November-2016 18:22
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by Admin

The driest Autumn on record has made way for a very wet and miserable start to November, the rain today was torrential on occasions and was badly timed to arrive after the gravel had been delivered, and all the lads were busy raking it into place. Typical.

The usual "Thursday" jobs were completed this morning, sweeping, washing, cleaning, scrubbing, spraying and disinfecting were done in good time. The offices are still deadly quiet without a phone system that works. Ours is seventeen years old so we have had our monies worth, we had ordered the new system well before this one died but sadly BT have not quite got their act together. They have however, promised that the boxes currently sitting in the office with the new system inside, will be dealt with on Monday and we will be up an running once again. In the meantime, both Anna's mobile and my own have practially melted and even George's mobile has been in use.

This morning I made the now familiar Journey to see the Physio before dashing home to find the office was a full of laughter when Derek and Sandra Shewring showed up with their usual supply of chocolates and biscuits. The colder, damp weather isn't helping the old neck injury one bit so I am glad to find someone who can keep it relatively mobile.

Thankfully the horses move better that I do.



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