Lose ends.

16-November-2016 18:55
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Paperwork is the Bain of most businessmen and women who run their own companies and, with each passing year it seems to get worse as more and more red tape is invented. Politicians have promised to cut the amount of red tape for years but have spectacularly failed to do so. The end of the season and onset of winter might mean less racing, less form to look at, less races to choose from (or none at all at times), less training schedules to work on, less weights to compare etc but it does mean spending time on hitherto neglected tasks and reams of papers which frankly bore me to tears. But it must be done and lose ends need tying up. The two newspaper columns I wrote throughout the summer have now come to an end so that allows a bit more time on Sundays, there was no point in my trying to write about Jump racing a I don’t follow the game enough and would not be able to do it justice. But I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for the Northern Echo and Darlington and Stockton Times.

On a brighter note our website is flying with over a quarter of a million followers logging on in just over seven months, and further improvements and new features will be added this winter. Work on the yearling parade brochures is now complete and they have gone to print ready for Sunday’s yearling parade; I am praying for a dry bright day to show the youngsters off at their best.

Some of the yearlings are cantering upsides now and looking very professional, others are still in the early stages. Actress and my “sister” Clair King bought a share in the colt by Fast Company this afternoon, she had her eye on him for a while and has joined in with David Barker. The stunning grey by Lethal Force is attracting admirers and has already been partially sold but the new owner who had said he wanted half of him, had to cancel when his property deals in Canada fell through, but he is hoping to join us in the Spring.

Rowan returned from his stint in Abu Dhabi today, just as one of the lads (Aslam) took off for India to spend Christmas with his family. Dale went to London at the weekend and James has- amazingly actually taken a couple of holidays this year.

Work is ongoing for the yearling parade on Sunday and Allen is busy leading the babies who have not yet been broken in yet, around the parade ring so they get used to it in time for their big day. BT have surpassed themsevles once more in their dealings with us here at Sun Hill, this time our telephone system has been down since last Friday and the new system we ordered seven weeks ago has still not been installed. It is blissfully quiet but it is hardly practical or, for that matter particularly good for business!

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