Two hundred and three thousand,three hundred and eighty nine ....and counting

16-September-2016 9:19
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It is not known how many "hits" repersents a "lot" for a trainers website but two hundred and three thousand, three hundred and eighty nine as of 7.30 am this morning, seems quite a lot considering the new site has actually only been "live" since the end of March. Obviously we are delighted and hope we can carry on attracting a large audience.

Although the website is - in broad terms finished there is still a lot to do. A section on BHA rules and regulations still needs putting together but there are so many regulations and stipluations that we need to try and simplify them as much as possible. A section for new owners is also planned because many simply don't know what to expect or, what is expected of them. Nor are many new owners to racing familiar with what they should "do and not do"- we are a unique industry and where once upon a time, racehorse owners practically belonged to the same social circle and were brought up to know the in's and out's of horse racing from an early age, todays owners and future owners are vastly different.

Which is just as well, or racing would have died out completely by now. A Questions and Answer's page might be useful too but these are jobs we will try to concentrate on in the winter when the season has ended and we only have a few horses racing on the all weather- and maybe a few over hurdles.

Suggestions for improving our website are always welcome so please feel free to email me on  

The season might be slowing down but we remain very busy on the yard and at the farm, Allen and one of the lads leave early each morning to work on the fourteen yearlings at the farm, all of them are being kept pretty active walking and lunging, four have saddles on them already and are long reining nicely. All of them have "done" really well and grown in the short time they have been with us.

At home some of the "late developing" two year olds are coming to hand with nine, as yet unraced two year olds and a further seven who have been lightly raced for one reason or another, these are the ones who have needed some extra time to develop and mature. Many of these boys and girls will be better horses next season although several will be running towards the end of the turf season and on the all weather throughout the winter.


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