New look ATR as the "partners gather"

15-November-2017 17:54
in General
by Admin

Wow, At the Races, universally known as "ATR" have really upped their game recently and are certainly pushing the boat out to entertain their viewers. I can’t say I watch it too often, but this afternoon’s participation of Lady Lintera (ran well to finish 3rd) for new owners “The Gathering Partnership” meant the telly was on in the office. The filly will give her new owners some fun over the winter after the only luck they had all summer was “bad luck”. This girl will get them “gathered” together- (pardon the pun) and supply the lads with a few runs during the winter while I work on them to buy another yearling.

Coverage was fun with some hilarious “takes” thrown in for good measure, it was a lot more interesting and enjoyable than in days gone by, so well done to the team of producers for making use of the material constantly available in horseracing.

This evening we may have our own moment of hilarity when I try to bake a cake! George managed to get unceremoniously dumped from his hunter this morning when a pile of soil, freshly moved unshipped him. As most of you know our “yard policy” is that whoever hits the deck has to provide a cake for everyone and, as the shops are closed I might have to try my hand in a mixing bowl.

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