Back to earth with a bump

15-May-2018 10:30
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by Hayley 

Headlad James is the definition of 'chilled' - level headed, calm and laid back (but far from lazy), nothing is a big deal, no problem too much to handle. This character trait is what makes him such a good rider, a horseman. Horses are highly tuned to pick up on your mood, whether it be anxiety, fear, impatience or excitement. Whatever you're feeling, they know about it and they feel it too. James is excellent at relaxing an uptight animal, he sits like he's in the most comfortable of armchairs even when a horse is turning itself inside out. So, to see him fall off yesterday was a rarity. During a routine canter, two-year-old 'Up The Millers', unceremoniously dumped James right in front of the owners - what a start to the week! The inexperienced youngster caught sight something in the woods next to the gallop, side-stepped and left James hovering in mid-air like a cartoon character, before landing on his backside in amongst the woodchip. It was such an 'unspectacular' fall that George and the others claim that he had jumped off! As James said, 9.5 times out of 10 he would've stayed on, but as those of us who ride or have ridden know, when your balance has gone beyond the point of no return, the only way is down... The horse was unscathed, and the only thing James bruised was his pride. The rest of us look forward to his cake!

Three-year-old filly 'Fascinator' runs at Beverley today in the 5.45pm. She has only one run under her belt, valuable experience of course and finishing 2nd certainly pleased us, though that was on the all-weather and today is her first appearance on turf, so we will learn more about her today. 

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