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15-April-2019 16:45
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By Ann

As you all know Hayley left us to start a new career in wine sales, apparently she is doing very well and I imagine wine sales have increased, not that Hayley herself is a drinker you understand! Charley Cudworth joined the team today so we can be very hopeful that our social media presence will improve, our website will be updated, owner’s logins reinstated and brought back up to date and she might even be the right person to “remind” me to keep Duffield’s Diaries up to date. “Good luck Charley I hear you say!”




Charley is also horse mad and a racing fan to boot. She has worked with Polo ponies, eventers and show jumpers in England, Australia, Europe, New Zealand America and even in Egypt. Now settled in the Yorkshire dales with two ex-racehorses and a dog called “Banana” Charley finds herself working at Sun Hill where the age old motto “You don’t have to be mad to work here, but if you are it helps” may well come in useful.


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