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14-September-2017 18:15
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When mum used to say time goes "quicker as you get older" I never believed her, I mean how could it? There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, twenty four hours in a day and one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week so “how” can it possibly go any quicker.

The answer is, it doesn’t but the older we get the quicker it “seems” to go and this year is flying by, the yearling sales are already well under way, the air is cooler the leaves are thinking about falling off the trees and the St Leger is upon us already. Yesterday’s ‘Leger Legends’ race was Georges last ride on a racecourse, it seemed the world was hoping he would win it but fate had other ideas, nevertheless the horse – the least experienced in the field with only three runs under his belt ran well and the day was a huge success.  Once again the charity came out on top with more money in the coffers and George has specifically asked me to give a “huge thank you” to all those who sponsored him.

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