Stalls Practise

14-March-2016 13:18
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Stalls practise from Ann Duffield on Vimeo.

The "second string "or "yard stalls" as we usually call them, recently arrived back from the farm having been situated over there all winter so all the yearlings could be long reined and ridden through them. But, with a couple of "late breakers" to finish off they remained there longer than they normally would. Finally, last week they returned to Sun Hill ready for the two year old's to re-start the stalls part of their education. With thirty plus juveniles there is bound to be trouble with the odd one, even if they had been impeccabley behaved as yearlings, it doesn't guarantee they will be good again now, especially when we start to ask them to stand quitely or be locked in the stalls. From now on they will walk through them practically every day as they return from ridden exercise and soon we will start the next stage.


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