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14-February-2018 15:15
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by Hayley 

I fear I dwell too much on the weather (in typical English fashion), so I won't mention the fact that it was brutally cold and snowed again this morning...!

Scrolling through the photo album on my phone, I unearthed some short clips of this years youngsters warming up in the trotting ring. After a chilled Sunday, they were all fresh and raring to go on that particular Monday. Do excuse the random banter and leg-pulling you'll hear throughout - you are catching a very slight glimpse of what it is like to work with a yard full of cheeky chappies - if I ask them to be on their best behavoir, they only get worse! The babies are all looking and feeling well and I hope to get the opportunity to film and photograph them up the all-weather soon, unfortunately office duties have prevented it thus far, but, rest assured that more in depth undates are coming soon. Whilst piecing together the below video, it occured to me just how well we all get on. We enjoy the craic, take the mickey out of each other constantly and importantly, respect each other. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, always willing to help each other out and crucially, the whole staff work very well as a team. 

Two of the horses featured in the video are for sale, including a couple of spaces left in Solo Syndicate - if anything tickles your fancy, you can get in touch with Ann 

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