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12-November-2016 14:48
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'Rachorses for sale' is a term we all understand well, and recently 'Charlie' the Duffield pooch has been developing a new way to help me in the horse sales department. Twice in recent weeks he has gently nipped the behind of prospective buyers but he upped his game considerably when the 'nipping' moved on to knocking over, splattering a lovely coat in mud while ensuring his victim broke her (very expensive looking) glasses but, not before the costly looking monicle had embeded itself in the victims nose. I felt rotten about it but amazingly the tactic worked and the lady owner in question bought a filly - I won't say who she is in case she has 'forgotten' to mention that particular purchase to her hubby.

With our accountants back in this weekend; a week earlier than usual thanks to our end of year, Charlie struck again, this time it was our lovely accounts lady whose gorgeous, black sleek jacket hung off the back of her chair. A short shake of his body and whoosh, the mud livened up the plainness of the jacket in seconds.

Luckily it seems owners can't get enough of Charlie and keep coming back for more. The big, strong colt by Fast Company found half a new owner when David Barker put his hand up while the classy Canford Cliffs filly looks like she is about to be adotpted by new owners from Ayrshire.

Former jump jockey and ex trainer Brian Storey rode out with us this morning when putting his handiwork to the test, the three fillies he and Jacki have been breaking in over at the farm made the very short- two minute, journey back to the main yard and, once settled in, Brian rode each of them out with a hunter for company. Fillies by Dragon Pulse, Lilbourne Lad and Equiano all look great, behaved very well and are in top top condition.

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