Gallop gets a facelift

12-January-2016 10:23
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by Admin

Topping up the all weather gallop is a tedious job, but luckily not for us. Ian Pybus, our amazing gallop man and general groundsman has been flat out topping up the entire length of the main gallop, something which comes under the heading of general maintenance. It's a costly but vital excercise because it is very important to keep the surface at the right depth and in tip to condition. Winter is the perfect time to do it as the wet weather helps it to settle quicker.

But, we haven't escaped the extra work entirely. On Monday we start a major steam clean and disinfect of the whole yard, it's a massive job so extra reinforcements have been bought in to help. Every box is stripped bare, thoroughly steam cleaned with detergent and water so hot it is practically boiling, before every wall, floor, door, nook and cranny is soaked with specialist disinfectant.

A prospective new owner was shown around the yard today and was mightily impressed, especially with our facilities including the water treadmill which has settled down nicely into its routine of non stop work while Charlie is giving everyone the runaround and growing quicker than the two year olds are.

-Showboat enjoying treadmill.

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