Snow, staff training and yearling parade

10-November-2016 18:06
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There is still a covering of snow all over Sun Hill although a few miles away the grass is as green as ever. The round canter had been 'well worked' with the harrow making it perfect for use this morning so the babies who were not able to be ridden yesterday all enjoyed a routine canter this morning. The early snow caught us out yesterday and we were woefully prepared for it's arrival with only a small amount of grit left over from last winter lurking behind the bottom barn. Luckily we had sufficient to make the yard safe until more supplies arrived today.

In the past when very poor weather conditions arrived in the Dales the local council have commandeered every last bit of grit for the council roads, not that you would even notice because they seldom put any down or make any attempt to make our roads and country lanes safe. But having run out of salt in the past and not been able to get my hands on any thanks to the councils hogging it all, I now always tried to ensure we have enough. Today eight tonnes arrived so that should keep us going for a while,  keep the yard moving and the horses and staff safe.

Yesterday, despite the weather we managed to stage another staff training day with the great man "Yogi Breisner". Yogi is an incredibly gifted teacher and world class horseman. There are few people (if any) of his calibre who are not only highly experienced but able to portray his thoughts in a way that is easily understood by those he is trying to help. My own staff have all benefitted hugely from the sessions. In fact the only people who cannot learn anything from a session with Yogi are those who already 'think' they are so clever that they already know it all and sadly, there are plenty of people like that involved in horseracing.

The yearling parade brochures are coming together well and we are praying for a bright and dry day. Clipping and mane pulling is ongoing, yearlings are all shaping up nicely and Allen is pleased with the way they are behaving. Anna is now just breaking in one filly in between her jobs in the office and she is enjoying the excuse to get outside in the fresh air for a while each morning.  We are all looking forward to the day and hope you can join us on the 20th November.


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