What "is" important?

08-June-2017 18:18
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by Admin

Sometimes we all stop to think "what really is important"? How well a racehorse runs? The state of the ground? The draw? The jockey’s capabilities? Did I buy the right one? Are they healthy? Will they behave? When will prize money improve or will it improve at all? But how much will any of it matter by this time tomorrow? My God, without wishing to get political we might have Jeremy Corbyn as leader, then where will we be?

Those of us daft or brave nought to stick our necks out to establish a business will be taxed to the hilt, our wonderful hard working staff who help drive the ship will be taxed to the hilt, and the owners who provide the horses to race, will be taxed to the hilt.

But none of that will really matter because the lunatics trying to destroy our way of life in this wonderful country of ours, will get their own way under a chaotic and overtly liberal team of mad men and women, so money and business worries will be the least of our problems although us horsey folk will of course always worry about the horses.

We all “think” we know what will happen in the elections but this past year has thrown up some very different results across the globe, it will be a very interesting night indeed. I don’t think it matters whether your left or right, what matters now is the Brexit deal and the UK’s security, they are by far our biggest, most important immediate concerns and if they go wrong so will everything else. If they go right- then we will have the chance to put the rest in order.

As for today, I was thrilled with the two year old Kylie Rules who made her racecourse debut under a patient and informative ride from Shane Grey. Toboggan's Fire didn’t "fire" and probably needs to slip down the weights before she can be competitive again.

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