Losing the plot

08-May-2018 14:12
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by Hayley 

Some new arrivals to report over the weekend - one equine and several of the feathered variety. One of the yard hen's has produced some gorgeous fluffy babies, much to the delight of Captain who proudly showed them off first thing this morning. She's currently sitting on another nest of eggs so perhaps we will have more chicks very shortly. We are a little animal mad here with dogs, ducks, black swans, a goat, hens and... oh yes, one or two horses dotted about too!

Speaking of hens, Dale has a new title to go with that of 'travelling head lad' - he will now officially be 'travelling head lad and hen rescue officer'. Hearing a distant cluck-cluck-cluck in between lots, Dale eventually tracked down the SOS call to the two staller, more specifically, the engine. He and Megan were able to rescue the adventurous bird and release her unscathed. No fried chicken tonight...

Meanwhile, Anna has a genuine concern that Ann may be losing the plot - and not without good reason. 

Whilst Ann was enjoying a barbecue with family and friends yesterday evening, Anna called Ann on her mobile - only for Ann to answer the call, say hello and proceed to ask the party 'where's my phone? I can't find my phone!'. Anna had to inform Ann that given she'd answered it, her phone was, unbelievably, in her hand!

Blame stress, blame the sun, blame the champagne!


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