A busy beginning to the week

08-March-2017 17:38
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It’s been a bit hectic lately, from ramping up the horse’s workload and intensity, meeting with website experts, visits from both current owners and new ones, new jockeys, old friends returning to ride out and an overhaul on the water treadmill. The horses in particular have had a busy week but they have been much admired by their owners, keen to see the progress they are making. We have even initiated the making of our own honey for the horses but one meeting was particularly interesting because, while our website is really good and doing a great job there are lots of other things we can - and should be doing. But frankly, it’s all a bit above me so let me introduce these guys.


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John Campbell Digital Architect Executive Google Adwords Certified Professional M: 07387 413415

I was impressed, enough to tell them to kick on and do what needs to be done and to call our website people so they can work together to make the site even better and more noticeable on google.

Actress, friend and owner Claire King called in to see the horses she is involved in – Claire made a good start in January on the new ITV racing channel programme when appearing in front of the cameras. She was delighted to see her horses on the gallops this morning. It had been an excellent work morning watching some early looking two year olds work, as well as some older horse’s ramp up their training.

Jockey Joey Haynes joined us along with the lovely Charlotte Holmes who worked for us some years ago, it was lovely to see her again, Charlotte is now working for Middleham Park Racing and is in training for an appearance at Punchestown in April in a charity race.

George rode three lots of work before helping Craig change the sand filter in the water treadmill. They have replaced the old sand with some new fancy material which should last at least another twelve months.


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