Spoilt for choice

08-March-2016 17:47
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When we put the fibre-sand round canter in last February, we chose a completely different surface from the main (woodchip) all weather gallop, on the basis that if one froze, the other 'might' be usable. Thankfully this has left us feeling almost 'spoilt for choice' and, as the ground froze hard over the last couple of days rendering the round canter unusable, we have at least been able to carry on using the other surface. Depending on the weather conditions it might have been the other way round, but so far we have not been without the ability to canter horses, which is a bonus and, if we were, then at least we have the lunge pen (which can be covered to avoid freezing), the walkers and of course now we have the water treadmill.

Seven lots pulled out this morning from Sun Hill and one lot at the farm, 23 horses went on the water treadmill, vitafloor and solarium. Three were lunged and every two year old bar three of the little darlings, walked through the stalls which had returned from the farm to Sun Hill yesterday evening after spending the winter being used to introduce the yearlings (during the breaking in process), to the delights of starting stalls. They were all excellent and clearly had remembered all Allen had taught them when he was driving them through the gates as babies.

They will contiune to walk through them daily from now on, and it won't be too long before they are stepping up to the next stage -  being 'locked in'. 

A yearling walking through the stalls at the farm. December 2015.  

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