Rain, rain go away

07-November-2018 9:49
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by Hayley

Rain, rain go away. I'm sure the National Hunt trainers are saying the exact opposite, but being a flat yard that's looking to the all-weather tracks for the winter, rain is not a necessity to us and so (selfishly) we would much prefer to be riding out in dry weather. Rain doesn't stop play however, and all horses were out and exercised as usual, some on the round canter and some on the all-weather hill gallop. Allen is cracking on with his yearlings and has tack on the colts who were all lunged in the ring. It won't be long before they're backed. Anna needs to bring her riding hat in to work and unchain herself from the desk, because that job has her name all over it!

Some of you may know that earlier this year we opened up our facilities (gallops, water treadmill, vitafloor and solarium) to the public and 'Sports Horse Training and Rehabilitation Centre' was born. Things are going nicely and we were thrilled to be supported over summer by some high profile clients in the eventing world. We've also had support from fellow racehorse trainers and look forward to welcoming more over the winter. 

It's back to Newcastle for us this evening - what a handy addition to the calendar that has been - with Cape Hill Cotter and Cotton Socks running in either division of the Betway Sprint Handicap. We've enjoyed 8 winners there since the all-weather track opened a couple of years ago, and a further 37 placed efforts. Hopefully we can add to the winners tally tonight. 




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