Sore shins, MRI scans and a long length of rope

06-October-2016 18:37
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by Admin

Anna's was back at the farm first thing where she and Rowan backed the five yearlings Allen had been working on prior to fracturing his shoulder (which apparently now requires an MRI scan). The NHS are slow and incompetant at best so I am paying for him to have one privately which brings my plan of private health care for all our staff into sharp focus. If I had got my finger out before now to organise it then Allen would be covered by now. To date I had got as far as obtaining quotes from our provider but had not managed to proceed any further.

Meanwhile Anna is thoroughly enjoying her new job but is suffering badly with sore shins, some of her office work has been taken over by Issey who is learning very quickly and proving herself to be very competant.

Steve, owner of George Dryden and part owner of Danzeb arrived to see his boys and have a coffee before I had to disappear to the physios for regular treatment on the old neck injury I sustained in a  fall a very long time ago, before heading off to Hawes to buy rope for lead reins and for using on horses in the stalls during stalls practice.

Dale called from France with the news that Rainbow Mist's journey to Chantilly was uneventful and he has settled in well, eaten all his food and has drank plenty of water. Sadly he is drawn 11 of 11 which is not ideal.



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