Bank Holiday Sunshine

07-May-2018 13:21
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by Admin

It’s not often the "experts" get it right but this weekends sunny forecast was spot on, I am old enough to remember Michael fish’s gaffes and times have certainly moved on since then but, despite all the fancy gadgets and incredible machinery predicting the weather forecast it is still akin to finding the winners of the 2.30 at Newton Abbot, Newmarket or Nottingham.

Yesterday was glorious and Hayley’s photos taken during the morning (and put up on yesterday blog) were stunning and really captured the mood on the yard, on a sunny day with bright blue skies it’s impossible not to feel happy and the horses appreciate it too. They are gleaming in their skins and have a real bounce in their strides. We can’t wait to get them on the track and looks set to have few more entries/ runners from now on.

Hayley does a great job taking photos but she also writes great blogs too which I am glad about because although there are half the number of horses in training there remains so little time at the end of each day for me to keep our followers up to speed. Less horses does mean more time for owners though and this week has seen owners visit the yard every day so it’s been a lot of fun too, particularly on Thursday when George and I had lunch with some long standing owners who double up as comediennes. It was a lunch with so many laughs I wanted to bottle it for another day.

The last blog I wrote about bad payers and how they affect the racing industry was a big hit and I was gobsmacked at the response it provoked from a wide range of people who sent emails and messages on facebook including some of their own ideas of how the whole issue should be handled by the powers that be. Thankfully it seems the BHA really are ready and willing to listen and to help trainers who are put at risk by this type of owner, some of whom have “no intention” of paying us. Nick Rust and I are meeting very soon to discuss how best trainers and racing as a whole can be better protected.

Your ideas and messages following the last blog titled “Flockers, they happen to us all” is much appreciated so please do keep your thoughts and ideas on this issue coming and email me on the more support we can show the BHA regarding this problem, the better and in Nick Rust I believe we have a man who means it when he says “we are willing and ready to help”

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