Sun, is that you?

05-April-2018 8:55
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by Admin

by Hayley 

There’s something of a phenomenon happening outside today - the sky is bright and blue and there’s a large yellow sphere omitting light and warmth? I hope this is the true start of spring and not some belated April Fools…

Countless meetings have been lost to the horrendous rainfall over the last few days, the papers and social media sights of the racecourse’s each brandishing photographic evidence that their track was un-raceable unless your horse happened to be a skilled sailor! In the past, our woodchip hill gallop has fallen afoul of flooding. We have since added extensive drainage, and, touch wood, the all-weather gallop has remained in place and we haven’t missed a beat in the horses training regime, even though we have not been spared the drastic rainfall. A quiet week on the racing front, which will be a welcome relief for the lads who have dug very deep recently and could do with an ‘easier’ week.

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