Serious George?

04-May-2016 13:41
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Publishers called George's autobiography "Gentleman George?" leaving it up to you, the reader to decide if he is indeed a "gentleman" . The referal to him being "a gentleman" has been with him all his professional racing life, so someone must think he is one.  But then again, so have the nick-names "Killer" and "Silver fox", names bestowed on him many moons ago by his weighing room colleagues, the jockeys who had to ride against him daily and knew him so well.  The name "Killer" was because he did just that on the track, he "killed" his opposition on a regular basis if they got in his way, such was his fierce determination to win at (almost) any cost.  'Silver Fox' was the other most regularly used name because he was as cunning as a fox when riding, outmanouvering his opponents with a guile and fercoity of the animal he was named after. The 'Silver' was in reference to his hair, when he had some!

Nowadays, it might be assumed that George has matured and taken to retirement well, behaving like any other sensible, responsible man with a bus pass. Or maybe not?


Serious George from Ann Duffield on Vimeo.


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