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03-August-2018 17:22
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by Hayley 

James, our headman, is a grafter. He wakes up 4am, feeds at 4.45am (his choice), mucks out, rides out, and handles many of the horses using the water treadmill. A couple of hours off and then he's back in the yard feeding and rugging up. He works hard. He likes to keep active, you won't see him having more than a 5 minute tea break and I doubt he will ever fully switch off, even when retirement and a permanent return to his native Trinidad beckons - though we hope that is a long way off yet! Despite being a hard working chap, he also has that laid back Carribean attitude that makes him a natural horseman and so good on horseback. I refer to him as a 'weeble'. 'Weebles wobble but they don't fall down' - do you remember the 80's toy with the spherical bottom? Reason being that even when a horse is turning somersaults, James may wobble but he rarely falls, never losing that centre point of gravity. 

James has a months holiday booked for the end of September, and, despite being very active and riding out every day he tells me he needs to be fitter for the trip he has planned... I will leave the reason why to your immagination, but I can confirm he is not going on holiday to run marathons and is somewhat 'in demand'...

Besides, he needs to do some activity to work off the countless beach barbecues and parties he has planned for the month, or he will be too heavy to come back and ride the fresh ones! 

The following videos are a good indication of James' character. However, we do not recommend you follow his fitness routines at home....







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