Mr S Mortimer & Mr A Bean
A Bit Of Ginger
Mr & Mrs Shewring, Mr D Marshall & Mr B Craig Up to 30% shares remaining
Evelyn Duchess Of Sutherland
Highly Focussed
Mr & Mrs Trevor Ingham
Peter Wilson & Partner
Mimic's Memory
Evelyn, Duchess of Sutherland
Miss Bates
Mr Stewart Raines
Mr Coco Bean
Evelyn, Duchess of Sutherland
Nifty Niece
Mr Philip Bamford, Ms Jenny Bianco, Brian & Malcolm Plows
Panther In Pink
Rosamund & Elizabeth Stott
Peach Pavlova
Grange Park Racing - Shares available in syndicate
Port Master
Available for free lease
Rainbow Chimes
Mrs Sue Bianco & Ms Jenny Bianco
Sugar Beach
Mr David Barker
Uncle Charlie

Duffield's Diary

Every trainers have nightmares, mine is that I get to the races, need forty winks but fail to wake up in time to saddle an intended runner. I have nev...
The Racing fraternity are like an old fashioned family, sticking together through thick and thin. And, like most families we might have a few playgrou...
Hayley made me blush the other day. Ok thats not strictly totally accurate because number one, very few things in life surprise me, or make me blush a...

Ann's Thoughts for the Day

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