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Has, between them 487 years of Priceless experience


Key Staff at Ann Duffield Racing

James Richards

Head Lad

Head Man for the past 11 years.

James came from Trinidad where he had worked from the age of ten with racehorses at both Arima racecourse and Santa Rosa Park in their heyday. His home is now here at Sun Hill and James is an integral part in the running of the yard. He starts work at 4.30am every morning, checking and feeding all the horses. As he grew up he rode all the tricky ones, James is very quiet around horses and has been nicknamed the “horse whisperer”. He is fantastic with difficult, nervous or just plain naughty horses!

Anna Nutter

Racing Secretary

Anna has been here for two and a half years and is both the office and accounts manager, in charge of all things financial as well as being a tip top racing secretary, but don't be fooled into thinking Anna knows more about computers and accounts than she does about the horses themselves.  Anna is usually your first point of contact and is always incredibly helpful as well as ultra-efficient.

Anna came into horseracing aged 16, initially with Henrietta Knight working with Hen's National hunt horses for more than four years before embarking on a mission to learn more about racing in other countries. She spent four years in New Zealand where she looked after  "Snap" a famous racehorse owned by Lady Tavistock, "Snap" was the top two and three year old filly in New Zealand winning multiple Group races including the Oaks. Anna also travelled with the filly to Melbourne, Australia to race. Seven years in Japan followed, working with horses in pre training and being broken in, Anna met husband Allen whilst in Japan, returning to the UK in 2007. The rest, they history!

Dale Ali

Travelling Head Man

Dale is responsible for all travel arrangements and welfare of horses going racing. When he is not away racing he can be found working hard on the yard alongside the rest of the team. Dale came to join us from his native Trinidad in 2007 and apart from a stint with Mark Johnston he has been here ever since. He is always bright and cheerful, is entirely reliable and is an important part of the team.


Allen Nutter

Allen has worked with horses all his life starting out with Arthur Budgett where he was part of the team during those glorious days of Derby winners "Blakeney" and "Morston" - the only Derby winners ever to have been bred, owned and trained by the same person. He has since held various positions including head stud groom at the famous Kirklington Stud. Allen spent ten years in Hokkaido, Japan where he met and worked with his wife Anna (who runs the Sun Hill office). Allen has been with us for more than four years and is a vital wheel in the cog and whose experience is invalubale. He breaks in practically all of our yearlings and is a highly experienced horseman. When the breaking in is over he reverts back to riding out & working with the horses in training.

Hayley Wilson

Hayley is Julie’s daughter, Colm’s girlfriend (and mum to Lily). Hayley rides out most mornings subject to childcare/school for daughter Lily, drives the horse box and occasionally takes horses to the races, but her main priority is to manage the website, making sure it is kept fully up to date, especially the owners login section where our owners can see regular updates, reports, photos and videos of their horses.




Charlie arrived at Sun Hill in January 2016, only a few months old. He is nephew to our beloved 'Harry' who very sadly passed away in May. Like Harry, Charlie is bred to protect, hailing from high security and police dog heritage. He is a huge dog with a massive presence and although extremely intimidating to intruders, he is fun and affectionate with those he knows and is a much loved asset to the yard.


Peter Hynes


Peter Hynes of Yorkshire Equine Practise – Hailing from Ireland, Peter has worked as far afield as Australia but luckily for us he has settled in Yorkshire, making it home to both his family and practise. He has established himself as a very modern, innovative and forward thinking vet, who along with his team, are seen on the yard several times a week. A good vet is an invaluable asset and Ann makes sure she makes full use of him!


Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons

Rossdales is based in Newmarket and are our favoured choice for horses requiring surgery. While there are horse hospitals closer than Newmarket, Rossdales are considered leaders in their field and home to several world class surgeons.

Londonderry Forge


Farrier Huw is one of the very best farriers in the country , he and his team visit the yard twice weekly and are always on call to ensure our horses feet are in tip top condition and that any horses with difficult feet are dealt with using great care and skill. As the saying goes “no foot, no horse” and Huw is a Specialist in balancing the horse correctly from the hooves up (unbalanced feet & poor shoeing are the biggest cause of lameness/ hoof cracks and poor performance in horses).

Stuart Huggan


Stuart hails from Hawick and is an excellent and trusted equine dentist. He visits the yard several times a year and always pops in should we have any new arrivals or special cases that need seeing to immediately.

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