If you're reading this page you are probably thinking about making the next step towards owning your own racehorse or a share of one.

Getting involved in racing is often perceived to be difficult, or out of reach when in fact is is as easy as picking up the telephone and, there are many perks along with racehorse ownership that are not well known. For example we now offer owners a special 'login' section where they can simply enter their own password into the ADR website and be taken to all the latest information about their horse/s - regular updates including photos and videos, all of which is entirely private to said owner. An example can be seen below.

 We have created a login page for any potential owners, and the general public, so that they can have an interactive experience to best envisage the owner login service. Both the username and password is simply adr and you can access this via the orange button in the top right hand corner of the homepage. Mrs Ann Starkie has kindly allowed us to show you what her page looked like during the 2016 season, when both her horses won.


Did you know that if you own your own business, you can "sponsor" your horse through your company to effectively promote your buiness. As an advertising medium, racehorse sponsorship, like that in football and motorsports is reclaimable agaisnt tax, while any prize money or profit on resale  is tax free. A horse can be sponsored by two individual sponsors/ businesses.

We have a yard sponsor in Sims Suzuki, so for those who don't have a business sponsor, they are able to use the yard sponsor to reclaim VAT. 

For any questions relating to ownership, please don't hesitate to contact Ann on 07802-496332 or 01677-450303 or email

For owners wishing to stay for a few days. Sun Hill Lodges,are ideally located on the South side of the farm a stones throw from the gallops.




Winners & Placed Horses

  • Highly Focussed

    Newcastle - 16.2.17 - WIN

  • Lady Lintera

    Newcastle - 19.1.18 - WIN

  • Rosina

    Newcastle - 02.01.18 - WIN

  • Rosina

    Chelmsford - 14.12.17 - WIN

  • I'm Yer Man

    Chelmsford - 14.12.17 - WIN

  • Cuppacoco

    Newcastle - 4.11.17 - WIN

  • Hilary J

    Newcastle - 24.10.17 - WIN

  • Cuppacoco

    Newcastle - 19.10.17 - WIN

  • Canford's Joy

    Catterick - 23.9.17 - WIN

  • Canford's Joy

    Carlisle - 23.8.17 - WIN


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